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Today is Bioshock's 10th Anniversary

The first Bioshock was released 10 years ago, so I decided I will revisit Rapture for a few hours. While I did not play the game when it came out, a few years later I had the amazing experience to play it (without spoiling the story for myself, which is really hard not to do this age). It was a one of a kind thing, still is today.

Bioshock, without a doubt is one of the best games in history. The art style and atmosphere always gets me, if I am not advancing in the story I usually look around looking at posters and admiring the world around me.

The gameplay is also good. There is everything: usual and unusual weapons, upgradable items and even safecracking minigame. The story might be nothing without the characters you meet and the place itself, since Rapture is one of a kind.

In my opinion Bioshock is the best first person adventure game in video game history. If you don’t have the game, buy it and enjoy one of the finest digital work ever created. :)