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Today is Bioshock's 10th Anniversary

The first Bioshock was released 10 years ago, so I decided I will revisit Rapture for a few hours. While I did not play the game when it came out, a few years later I had the amazing experience to play it (without spoiling the story for myself, which is really hard not to do this age). It was a one of a kind thing, still is today. Bioshock, without a doubt is one of the best games in history.

My new addiction: Path of Exile

Addiction as “I like this very much”, not as “I can’t live without this game.” As a Linux user it’s amazing how far Wine has gone this past year. Back then when Path of Exile came out I barely could play it, and gave up on it after about an hour. Now I have several hours in the game and I enjoy it very much. Path of Exile is a free to play action RPG, which is similar to Diablo or Torchlight.

Why I love Emacs?

Ever since I started to use Linux and become a free software advocate I read about the vi vs. emacs battle. The neverending debate: which is the better text editor? Interestingly I’ve only tried them for like 5 minutes and in both cases I just went back to nano. A few months ago I wanted something that I can use for editing markdown and something fast, that I can use everywhere without much install and dependencies.

Crazy numbers in football

I use to be a big football fan. It’s family tradition here, my family used to go to matches for the local team, which used to be really good and could compete with the teams from the capital. Times changed and the games’ quality got worse. Also TV become bigger and everybody could saw the big stars of the game from all around the world. This is how I became a Manchester United fan.

Life on Neocities

So this is my new personal webspace, probably no one will care about. Still I like to write time to time and Neocities is an awesome project it seems. Here I will write about many things I am interested in or have opinion about: Linux and open source in general (maybe some distro reviews if I have the time) and some commentary on life, happenings. Just a simple personal space of mine.