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Life on Neocities

So this is my new personal webspace, probably no one will care about. Still I like to write time to time and Neocities is an awesome project it seems. Here I will write about many things I am interested in or have opinion about: Linux and open source in general (maybe some distro reviews if I have the time) and some commentary on life, happenings. Just a simple personal space of mine.

Before Neocities, in the past century

My first websites were about my interest on free webhosting, just as everyone else. Paid hosting and domains were extremely price and took about a month to get them. Back then everybody tried to make there own webpage, it was sort of a Wild West of the Web (WWW, haha :).

I had many interest, but when I switched to Linux in 2006, I started linuxman, a website in my native language for Linux news and tips. It was really good, I had some visitors, but even then I didn’t write for fame, or popularity. I just liked to help people. It was especially fun for me, since I changed distros like underwear, I was learning Linux the only way possible: dive in and try everything.

The other successful website was about Manchester United, but I don’t really like to talk about that one. I closed it with anger, because of some friendly fans.

One of my dream was my own website with my own domain, a personal space. I think it was in 2008, when I started it. I used it for everything, although I sometimes felt it was a burden and not a blessing. I closed it 2-3 years ago, after my mom died and I just didn’t feel to write anything anymore.

I also had a short live cooking blog (called Life is Food), which was a good experience for me, how not to create and write a sort of a bigger blog. I wanted to write for people like me, who likes to cook, but beginner stuff. Even my brother liked it, who is a professional.

Between social media and my webspace

In last 4-5 years social media took over websites, and nobody cares about them anymore. The internet is just cat videos and political mudthrowing contests. I like cat videos, but I dislike politics. I left social media because it has no point at all. I tried Mastodon, but I was never going to stick to it. I think I used identi.ca for the longest. I used Facebook personally for a few years, deleted it 2 times, but I will never go back. I was on Twitter 3-4 times now, not worth it, people just shouting and most people will never hear their message.

Life on Neocities, the beginning

Recently while I was using Mastodon as an experiment (if I can use a microblogging service of the better kind), I saw Neocities. Back in the 1990s I heard about Geocities, but I’ve never used it, since it was faster if I used local webhosting, and not from the other side of the world.

I looked around and registered, because it was free and I wanted something simple. I am a big fan of static websites, since todays trend is to make bloated everything everywhere (which means big and slow websites).

My idea was for a simple space where I write about Nonviolent video games. I started it last month and I occasionaly write some good games and projects.

Note: Check out Bryan Lunduke’s video about the world wide web sucks

Neocities is kind of a community project. The backend is open source and while you have a website for free, you can have many with just $5 per month. I like paying for projects I see value in it, and Neocities is definitely worth it. I haven’t really checked the extra things I can do, but the weekend is coming…

If you want, check out my other Neocities site at nonviolentgames.neocities.org, where I write about … wait for it… non-violent video games!