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Crazy numbers in football

I use to be a big football fan. It’s family tradition here, my family used to go to matches for the local team, which used to be really good and could compete with the teams from the capital. Times changed and the games’ quality got worse. Also TV become bigger and everybody could saw the big stars of the game from all around the world. This is how I became a Manchester United fan. A fan of a team which is 2500 km away. Lol, how ridicolous this idea is. How can you build a connection to them? I was 100 of games on TV since and in the past 10 years everything has changed.

The crazy numbers in football is of course how footballers have more money, how teams pay more in transfer fees and how this is generally the just giant circus for people. Today number is 220 million. Pound, dollar, euro, doesn’t matter anymore.

I use to think 30$ million for Rio Ferdinand was a lot, and just last year United payed unbelievable amount of money for Pogba, a player - in my opinion - doesn’t worth that much.

Worth. Football is business. It is not a game for a long time now. People eat it up, because that’s what they do. They wouldn’t think and stop going to matches and buy stuff with their favorite team’s name on it. The whole think is just crazy. Numbers on the front doesn’t matter, zeroes at the end does. I don’t think things will normalize, instead in the next years we see even bigger numbers. In 2018 we have a World Cup to watch, which is the biggest circus after the Olympics.

I haven’t really been into football in the past 12 years, ever since the Glazer family bought United. That was it for me. It broke me, but it lead me to different things in life. Now I still watch football on the TV with my dad, but I take the whole circus less seriously now.